New Additions, Future Breeders & Prospects

New for the 2019 breeding season

Patron ~ 2015 Ram ~ JJ's Desert Jazzy Fortune x BWF Late Prom Date 


White Lightning (Moonshine) ~ 2015 Ram ~ CHEY White Granite x YOLO Rose


We purchased this trio of spring beauties from Alvizo Ranch. They are going to be outstanding additions to the DarkHorse ewe flock. We can't wait to see what they produce come March of 2019.

Flora ~ 2018 ewe ~ Alvizo Ranch Corona X-Tra Gold x Alvizo Ranch Xiomara

Fauna ~ 2018 ewe ~ Corona X-Tra Gold x Alvizo Ranch VidaLoco

Merryweather ~ 2018 ewe ~ Corona X-Tra Gold x Alvizo Ranch Halloween Surprise


"Puck" is another Alvizo Ranch purchase, a 2018 boldly tri-colored elf eared ram by Alvizo Ranch Harley and out of Alvizo Ranch Panda Girl. We're waiting to see how Puck matures but we are very hopeful that he will be joining our breeding program in the next couple of years.