Why PD Sheep?

There simply is no lower maintenance variety of sheep:

*  No Shearing

*  No Docking

*  No Crutching

*  No Castrating

*  Healthy/Hearty

   *  Disease Resistant

   *  Parasite Resistant

*  Heat/Cold Tolerant

Painted Desert Sheep make excellent lawn mowers, weed eaters, lot cleaners and fence line edgers.

Unlike goats, they're not typically escape artists and don't usually test or challenge fencing.


Painted Desert Rams are very desirable as exotic/trophy stock. 

Whether 2 or multi-horned these guys are imposing and majestic.


Farm-raised lambs produce an outstanding, lean and delicately flavored meat.


Painted Desert rams become sexually mature at 4-5 months of age. 

Painted Desert ewes can be successfully bred as early as 7-8 months.

Multiples (twins and triplets +) are not so much the exception, as the rule!

The ewes are non-seasonal and extremely prolific breeders and 

generally make excellent and attentive mothers.


No matter what your interest or intent, you just can’t go wrong with these sheep.  

UNLESS…  you’re looking for a docile, cuddly pet, in which case this likely isn’t the best breed for you.