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We are a small, family owned and operated ranch, located in Lampasas County Texas. Our primary focus is the Painted Desert and Desert Dragon (multi-horned) varieties of hair sheep. While it was a combination of the striking coat patterns and impressive horns that first intrigued us, it was the functionality, versatility and ease of management that has made these animals a pleasure to keep and breed.

We aim to produce healthy and hardy sheep with excellent conformation, large body size and as much color as we can manage to put on them. In addition to the basics we select ewes for ease of lambing, milk production and mothering. As a whole, the Painted Desert breed does not disappoint in these areas. Rams are additionally selected for fast growing horns, with nice shape and symmetry; the ultimate goal of achieving a gold score by the age of two. We raise our animals ethically and humanely. Their welfare is always our foremost concern and we strive to provide the best possible quality of life for each animal in our care.

All of our breeders are registered with the Painted Desert Sheep Society and/or Trophy Hair Sheep of America. Our foundation flock is also dual registered with the United Horned Hair Sheep Association. Some sheep will have long and impressive pedigrees, others will not; we’ve assembled our flock based on what has and continues to produce the results we’re looking for.

We are happy to answer any questions concerning the Painted Desert and Desert Dragon breeds, or our sheep in particular. You will find a “Contact Us” form below. 

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