Breeding Rams

DarkHorse Mercury Rising

Mercury is a 2016 PDSS and UHHSA registered ram. 

He is a big ram with an exceptionally calm demeanor and is "Gold Class" certified, currently scoring 112-7/8".  Mercury has produced two very nice crops of lambs with a wide variety of color and a fairly even ram to ewe ratio. We couldn't be happier with the lambs he is producing. 

Alvizo Ranch Puck

Puck is a 2018 PDSS and UHHSA registered ram. He is an elf-eared, tri-colored ram from an impressive line of trophy rams. Puck has beautiful conformation and we really love his bold colors. He covered a small group of maiden and elf-eared ewes for the 2021 Spring season and gave us some very nice lambs.  


CHEY White Lightning

"Moonshine" is a 2015 PDSS, THSoA and UHHSA registered multi-horned ram. He is a large bodied ram with a quiet temperament. Moonshine is a certified "Gold Class" ram scoring just over 142" (with 4 broken/broomed tips) on his 4th birthday in 2019.  


Blackwood's Patron

Patron is a 2015 PDSS and UHHSA registered ram. He is a massive bodied, minimal tri-colored, gold class ram from a long line of trophy rams. Patron is about as docile and laid back as they come.  He has produced some outstanding rams for us and though he only gave us two ewe lambs, they remain among our top favorites.


Strain's Desert Draco

Draco is a 2015 PDSS, THSoA and UHHSA registered multi-horned ram. He is a large, calm and passive ram with good color and horns and excellent conformation. He produced some exceptionally flashy 4 and 5 horned lambs for us, over two years.


DarkHorse Vane

Vane is a 2018 PDSS and UHHSA Registered ram. He was out of our favorite (and subsequently deceased) ewe; so we decided to use him on a select group of maiden ewes for the 2019 spring season, to keep those genetics alive. He did not disappoint, producing 80% ewes and 80% color. Pictured here at 1-year.


DarkHorse Maverick

Maverick is a 2014 PDSS and UHHSA registered ram who produced many outstanding lambs for us, over a 3 year period. Maverick passed lots of color and massive size on to his offspring with 96% color overall.